18 July 2015

The Truth of Patience

True patience sees that within ourselves which is impatient. It recognizes that "rough spot" and can find humor in having been impatient. These are wonderful moments; we see that the thing we are impatient about isn't as serious as we've been making it out to be.

Once we see that, we can laugh and enjoy our lives more. When we put too much pressure on events outside ourselves, events over which we have no or little control, we, at that moment, make our lives immensely more difficult. We turn the screw of our stress and ratchet up our chance of becoming ill or, if we suffer a heart attack, our chance of dying.

Don't be in a hurry to die. Your day will come soon enough. And, I can guarantee you won't bemoan not finishing that project; you won't cry about not having enough time to sell one more whatsit.

You will regret putting off the important to do the ?? What? What should we call those things which cause us so much stress and really aren't that important in the grand scheme of our lives? True regret happens when we haven't lived with true patience, when we've tried to cram too much of the seemingly invaluable in instead of the truly invaluable.

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