26 February 2014

Review of This Dark Road to Mercy

This Dark Road to MercyThis Dark Road to Mercy by Wiley Cash
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wiley Cash has a strong voice. The writing is tight and Cash draws the reader in with the well-written characters.

A few reviewers have compared Cash to other Southern writers, such as Harper Lee. I don't see the resemblance beyond the setting being in the South, and young female characters and their fathers; there, Cash just sorta leaves Lee in the dust of an old dirt road and I for one could not see her when I looked backed--for all the dust, ya know!

There was also mention of Elmore Leonard and Cormac McCarthy. I would agree here, to a certain extent. But, the resemblance isn't because Cash sounds like an imitation of those writers, it's the rawness one senses behind the words, the darkness that is always there no matter how bright and hot the summer day is being described in the work. No, Cash has his own voice and it's strong and smooth like a shot of good Southern Whiskey: it hits you before you realize you've finished the drink. Yeah, that smooth. It's a voice telling powerful stories.

I think I have found another author to add to my favorites, another author that makes me glad I'm a reader and jealous that I ain't that writer! This book was on my to-read-again list before I even finished the first read. I caught the Icantputitdownitis right away, and only stopped reading when my eyes were no longer able to remain open.

One of the things that I enjoyed, apart from the voice, characters and diction, is the way the book is organized: e.g. chapters are told from different characters' POVs. There were no parts of this book that seemed out of place or unnecessary. It all fits.

I can't wait to devour more of Wiley Cash's work and will keep my eyes out for any new work.

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