09 April 2015

Review of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwambe

An inspiring and poignant story about a young man's thirst for knowledge, and drive to improve the lives of his family and neighbors.

William Kamkwambe, recognizing the need for knowledge and having a hunger for learning, studied on his own, often walking many kilometers to get books. He spent many spare moments, when not working the fields with his father, learning and experimenting.

He began his experiments with little formal education, proving that it's not the educational system that holds people back, but small dreams and little action. William Kamkwambe was committed to his dream, and his inventiveness and resourcefulness show that to succeed you must use what you have and keep working to get what you need.

Like all inventors and innovators, Kamkwambe had setbacks and failures. Somehow, he had learned that these things meant: try a different way.

I hope you'll read this book and I hope it inspires you to look for creative ways to make life better for you and others.

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