31 March 2015

Review of The Dragonfly Effect

I found The Dragonfly Effect both moving and challenging. I saw immediately the potential one has when it comes to using social media to foster and promote change. I also saw the enormity of such a task as implementing a serious campaign for radical change. The authors do an amazing (and I don't use that adjective lightly) job of breaking the whole thing down so you can begin where you are and quickly get to where you want to be.

The four wings must be connected to the body. Disembodied dragonfly wings are not practical, though they may be pretty. One needs all the parts if the dragonfly is going to maneuver to its full potential.

The authors guide the reader through the use of each facet of this wonderful metaphor and show how to make the most of the social networking tools available to us all.

Read this book and go make some changes in your world.

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